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Indication & difficult Indications


  1. 1. Crowding and Spacing
  2. 2. Intrusion and Extrusion
  3. 3. Expansion and Constriction
  4. 4. Openbite and Deepbite
  5. 5. Eruption guidance
  6. 6. Finishing and Detailing (Functional occlusion)
  7. 7. Extraction case
  8. 8. Relapse case
  9. 9. Lingual set-up
  10. 10. Tooth Whitening Tray
  11. 11. Retainer

Difficult indications

  1. 1. Anterior angulations control
  2. 2. Extraction case

How to use

Adults: 17 hours of appliance per day except when eating or drinking hot beverages and important social functions.
Children (under 14 years): 8-10 hours in the evening and at night.


At first usage take care that the aligners fit tightly. Light chewing exercises (similar to gum chewing motion) are recommended when a new aligner is worn for the first time.

How to clean eCligner

Rinse your eCligner aligners with cold water or clean it with your tooth-brush and tooth paste or a cleaning agent for false teeth. An ultrasonic cleanser can be used as an option.

How to keep eCligner

Keep your eCligner aligners out of reach of young children or pets (especially dogs). Avoid hot places and places with high humidity. Keep your eCligner aligners in a cool and dry place. Do not place the eCligner aligners in hot or boiling water. Do not use any chemical solvents to clean your eCligner aligners. Clean your eCligner aligners regularly. If necessary, clean the eCligner aligners with 70% alcohol. Should any problems occur, contact your doctor immediately.

eCligner ordering instructions for the attending dentist

Step 1

Register on the eCligner website (button on the homepage “How to start”, then click in the Doctor’s menu on the the “sign up” button). Follow the instructions and create your own identity and password.

Step 2

Download the eCligner program.

Step 3

Request the “Treatment Planner”. Take dental imprints in silicone material of the upper and lower jaw. Send the plaster model of the patient to your “locoal agency”. If required optional x-rays or photographs can be uploaded for the simulation of the treatment. Please follow the described process step-by-step.

Step 4

Download the Treatment Planner (the simulation of the treatment) on ‘My Page’ and discuss the planned treatment with your patient.

Step 5

Confirm the Treatment Planner (the simulation of the treatment) on ‘My Page’.

Step 6

After production you will receive your patient’s individual set of eCligner aligners and start the treatment of your patient.

How can I get my eCligner aligners as a patient?

Step 1

First analysis and consultation at the dentist’s of your confidence. He will discuss with you the details of treatment and make an imprint of your jaws.

Step 2

The models of your teeth will be digitalized by means of an optical scanning procedure. If necessary x-rays and photographs will be taken.

Step 3

Planning of the treatment objections with the patient.

Step 4

The eCligner specialist team will prepare a simulation oft he required positions of the teeth (simulation of treatment) according to the requests of the attending dentist.

Step 5

After confirmation by the attending dentist the eCligner aligners will be produced.

Step 6

Delivery of the eCligner aligners to the attending dentist. In exceptional cases they can be sent directly to the patient.

Step 7

First insertion oft he eCligner aligners by the attending dentist and instruction on ist use. Regular checks follow.

Step 8

Stabilization and conservation of the obtained result with the eCligner-Retainer.

How to retain after eCligner treatment

eCligner Retainers

In order to conserve the result of the treatment it is recommended to use the special eCligner-Retainer after the treatment. The Retainer (night aligner) should be worn at least once a week at night. Depending on the intensity of use the Retainer should be replaced from time to time. Please mark the eCligner retainer option with your first order. Otherwise you will have to send in a final stage stone model to produce the retainer.

How to read eCligner instruction


  ■ Arc. Exp. Arch Expansion   ■ Sus. Suspender
  ■ Bl. Ol. P-A Bi-lateral, Oblique-lateral, P-A   ■ C-C Cow-Catch
  ■ Arc. Cos. Arch Constriction   ■ E-G Eruption Guidance
  ■ Strip. Stripping   ■ Lt. Left
  ■ Aln. Alignment   ■ Rt. Right
  ■ RT. Ctr. Rotation Control   ■ Ant. Intr. Anterior Intrusion
  ■ Cl II, III Ela Class II, III Elastic   ■ Pos. Extr. Posterior Extrusion
  ■ Dvt. Divot   ■ # 33 Intr. #33 Intrusion
  ■ Btt. Button   ■ Overcorrect. #23 Overcorrection #23

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